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Friday, October 31, 2008

we went to the movies!!
~me,amirah,nurul,naqiyah n omairah~
watched High School Musical 3!!:D it rawks!lol..
i lyk the songs.veryy nicee....:)

u guyys out there shud watch it!!yeah!^-^v

haiz..aft dat we went to the open plaza to take some pics..

then home sweet home!!heee...

Bdaes is a wonderful event dat evry1 goes through each yr
without fail.The most impt thing abt it is to feel the luv frm

ppl such as ur family, friends etc.

Juz knowing dat they care for you is the best
Presents r juz xtra stuff u get for leisure.

Ppl, juz rmb dat bdaes r nt abt presents n how much it cost,

is abt knowing ur appreciated in this world.They r thanking u

for being born into this world on dat special day cos u make a difference.

so it doesn't matter hw much the present cost n u shudn't
let this affect u coz i u r,then it juz shows hw IMMATURE u r.. :p

bengkel drama..tgether with 3e1 n 3e2..n of course 3e4!yeah!


random much!!

the dudettes!COOL OR WAD..?!

~nurul,omairah,amirah,naqiyah n me..~

posing for a magazine cover!!-.-"

me n nurul.. :D

at the bus.heheh..






me n the dramaqueen!!xD

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