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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2nd dayy of band prac!!!still gt two
more dayys to go..T.T
4 dayys of consecutive band..oh woopie!
hw tiring will dat be..i dunno which one is worse..
this or the wk which gt band camp..
haish!sigh........aniwaes..todae..worked on celebrate
let's swing n hot!hot!hot!-.-" come to tink of it..
celebrate is more tiring than ross roy!coz gt a lot
of high notes!!n some more it's a slow part n the
melody!if it's fanfare still manageable larh..tsk!
thinking twice abt dat song mannzz..even though it's
nice.. :p gt recording todae..of overture no.1
n ross roy..hope mr wong will let us hear
tmr..*clamping hands together! -.-"

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