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Thursday, December 11, 2008

3rd dayy of band prac..everyone was damn tired
by then..sian..bt it was fun..coz the whole morning
was brasses sectionals..in the morning trumpets had no
problem at all..bt after lunch......haish..-.-"
couldn't play bar 59 well that time..when nid to play
one by one..coz see mr wong's face oni arh...sigh..
terence oso felt the same wayy..we find it hard to
play in frnt of him u noe.. :p
recorded the chords the bombardans(how to spell arh?^^")
with riqa's hp..then the first time i accidentally
played sumthin..so paisehh!:S
at 3 plus gt sectionals..during assembling chia chern veh
funny..he was pulling his socks..den i sayy it's no pt.
den he said sumthin abt sum1..shall nt elaborate..
coz dat person too sensitive larh..lol!den gt a harsh
punishment by the welfare..stupid james..keep
putting his knee dwn..tsk!!then chia chern
took out a coin frm his wallet n threw it at james..xD
as if he cn feel lyk dat..if u noe wad i mean..lol!nvm..
chia chern n kelmond veh pitiful lehh..they were sweating
lyk hell n their whole face was red..haiz..
after sch straightawayy went home with riqa.. (:

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