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Friday, December 05, 2008

im bored..bored..bored!!
yesterdayy gt band bt i oni went until
lunch coz i goin malaysia after dat..then
most of my section mmbs ESPECIALLY
terence:p plus weiyi keep teasing me abt goin to
malaysia..-.-" totalyy bad u noe!!hahahs..
during sectionals spent a long time to put slide
grease at my tuning slide...lol!n still it
is nt dat smooth!:p tsk! after dat played at the hall
coz cnnt go inside the music rm then
combine band..played ross roy n overture no.1..
realli hoped to play celebrate instead of ross roy
despite the difficulties in rhythms n everything..
hahahs..lyk yilin said.."must play an unknown song
dat other bands have not played b4.." lol!veh funny sia she..
keep repeating her wants when hanging out
at the bbt shop..xD okayy..dats all!ttfn!:D

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