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Monday, December 15, 2008

nid to go kent ridge todae..
met at the bedok inter phone booth at 8.30 am..
then off we go to clementi!-.-"
veh far u noe..hahah..when we reached..combined sectionals..
one thing arh..all their songs easy lyk mad!
all minims,crochets n quavers one..lol!veh bad u noe!
hahahs..bt gd larh..veh easy to sightread..
hmm..at lunch ate mc chicken burger oni!no water
n such!-.-" totally lame u noe..everybody wasn't felling full at all!
then me,riqa chia chern,roxane n kelmond were discussing
n plannin to ask mr wong if cn go outside eat..hahahs..
discuss3..in the end scared to ask!^^"
so ask vanessa to ask for us..
then cn!bt oni 20 mins..we asked a few more ppl to come with us..
then we run frm the sch to west coast plaza lyk
2.4km run lyk dat..lol!in the end we still end up bein late..

-.-" lame i noe..coz duno where to eat larh..
after lunch still combined sect. then sect..

after band..which is lyk 5 plus oni!tsk..then they all just
pack n leave lehh..no nid assemble etc..wow rite?!hahahs
me,chia chern,amanda,jesmond n kelmond went
to west coast plaza tgether..looked at the candy shop..
all the prizes veh reasonable sia!bt oni amanda end up buyin..
then we bought sushi frm cold storage..then some more
amanda treat us lehh..lol!then chia chern sayy
her money lyk grow on trees lyk dat..coz she lyk everything wan
to buyy one..lol!veh funny sia they all..xD
went back at 8 plus..at the bus..we all plan to eat at the
airport tmr morning b4 goin to kent ridge..
chia chern so excited lyk mad..hahahs!
coz the atmosphere larh blah blah blah..
okayy..shall end it here!^^
shall post the pic abt todayy soon!!

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