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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

performance at kent ridge!parents nite to be exact..
must mit amanda they all at tanah merah

interchange at 6.30 am..
sumthin funny happened at the mrt dere..
i take mrt frm bedok inter..one stop to my destination..
when i go inside the mrt lyk ntn lyk dat..
then at the tanah merah mrt platform i saw jesmond..
just outside my door there..i was planning to
wave at him..then suddenly he was smiling to the nxt door..
then i was lyk 0.o?is he okayy??then i turn to the rite..
guess wad??i saw chia chern!-.-" totally nvr c him u noe!
then when we go out..chia chern was lyk.."ehh?!!hw i come
i nvr c u??lol!i realli nvr c u sia.." xD
then we left amanda at the opp. platform all alone!so sad..
hahahas..then when we sat at the bench there..
chia chern said we lyk power rangers..-.-"!
coz our jacket black,white n pink colour..haiz..
then the first mrt no service!it came..nvr open door..n left!
basket...make us so paiseh..lol!okayy!reached airport oredi..
ate at mac..me n amanda order big breakfast n hot pancakes..
n the guyys..ordered MEGA mcmuffin..lol!
then jesmond was complaining abt the size n evrything..
den we gt take one short vid..will post it another dayy..
den me n amanda purposely ate slowly to let the guyys
regret their order..lol!so evil..:p
quickly went to the mrt..when we went inside..amanda
wanted to sit at the priority seat..then she pushed jesmond
until he wanted to fall down..lol!veh veh funny..

at kent ridge..we were late..gt combined sectionals..
den mr wong take some more..bt luckily when we
went inside he nvr sayy anything..hmm..shall not elaborate
abt the band prac..at 5 plus lyk dat gt a long break..
gt choc cake frm valerie they all..THANKS SO MUCH GUYYS!!!
realli appreciate it mannzz!!hmmm..yummy!hahahs..
gave riqa,cc n amanda some..after dat..
took setion photos..n we rested a bit..
n the performance started..val n weiyi they all so evil!
go n show me their sweet drinks..-.-" totally bd.. :p hahahs
the performance was okayy2 i guess..
after the concert,took a pic with the kr trumpetors..
n with their whole band..will post the pics soon!
me n some other damaians sat in a circle table n
shared ghost stories..amanda shared ths one storyy
that relate to cc a lot!so nw he scared to do
wad he does at nite..(msg ppl in the dark larhh..wad u thinking??lol!)
then after dat jesmond told this story den gt one ex-senior
frm kent ridge said"who wans food??"
amanda started to scream lyk mad!!which made the rest
of us scream oso!-.-" veh loud sia all of us..haiz..
a the mrt..me,amanda,cc,jesmond n kelmond sat on
the floor cz there's no seat n we were desperate..lol!
reached bedok inter..took 228 with nad,keith n zoeyy..
went home n sleepp!!!!!!!!!!!ZZZzz..

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