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Thursday, January 15, 2009

another bozorific dayy experience!!xD
during geog n ss lesson,mrs tjan would alwayys
give us sweet so dat we wont sleep in class..awesome!!^^
bt todae she sayy no sweet for us coz she
had to pick up 4 wrappers after lesson..-.-"
bt den we begged n begged until she finally gave in..lol!
bt those hu nvr do her hmwk cannot get..
(amirah n chia chern xD!)pity!hahahs..her sweet is damn nice
cn!!frm marks&spencer..lol!i realli lyk her..bcoz of her..i lyk ss..
hehehx..den amalina called me during her lesson!-.-"
n i tok to her in frnt of mrs tjan!xDbt gt hide oso larhh..DUHH!
okayy lets fast forward to after sch..

went to kopitiam with nurul n amirah n sumthin
hilarious happened!P.S ALL AMIRAH'S FAULT!!xD
firstly..i gt craving for blk pepper pau..so i ordered it n recommended
it to amirah..then when she ordered..the auntie told
her dat i had ordered the last one!muahahahahah!!
i said"haha!!no pau for u!"
bt then rite..............when the uncle was takin the pau for me..
GUESS WAD???!!!!!
he dropped the pau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-.-"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then amirah laugh her evil laughter!veryy badd!!!!!!!
laugh damn loud seyy..-.-" then she sayy..
"karma strikes back.." argh!!damn pissed off wit the uncle
for dropping the pau!!coz i craving for it lehh!tsk!

went to sectionals to practice th ensemble..
den me,amirah n omairah took 228 n i followed amirah

home to take money to buy idris a present..heheh..
bt when we reached her home..no one was at home!-.-"
so she hav to climb in by the window!xD
bt it took AGES to open to window for some reason..
n to make the matters worse!!there was this stupid old
woman hu's sittin outside cuttin her stupid plant
for i dun0 wad reason.. -.-!!!!!we were damn pissed off lar coz
veh hard to do it with her ard!-________________-
den the hilarious mmt comes..xD amirah finally managed
to open the widow somehw..den she was lyk running n jumping for
joy..xD bt den she closed back the window coz of the auntie..
i was lyk 0.o!"why did u close bck the window???"
den amirah said.."dun worry..can open back larhh"
den when she tried..cannt open back!!!!-.-"
at dat time i seriously felt lyk crying seyy!T.T
blah3.........managed to open the oor again..quickly went inside
watched teen titans for a while..went to tm n bought idris
okayy dn bought sushi at fairprice n this chilli crab curry puff
at the basemnt there..WAHHHH!!!!!!TASTE LYK HEAVEN!!!!!
nw amirah made me wan to crave fot it..T.T

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