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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

had the syf talk at the hall in the morning..
no SR!T.T im starting to lyk readin books nowadayys
u noe..c?so gd rite??-.-"
went back to class..chiachern was oso dere..talk3..
raikha came n said we had to go kitchen..
lol..den chia chern oso forgot he gt dnt..-.-
n eng lesson was as fun n funny as alwaes..xD
during ss..mrs tjan lost her voice..bt she still made the effort
to go to us one by one n explained our mistakes
for our structured essay..once again..she rawks!
bcoz of her..i gt 9/12 for my essay..which is lyk a miracle!0.o
coz i alwayys..n i mean alwayys..fail my ss..
sumthin hilarious happened in class todayy..
nurul go n teased me abt sumthin super duper EVIL.. :P!
so i went to hit her bt she dodged!n guess where my hand landed!-.-
lol!then chia chern said"what is that??"xD
lyk wow...hahahs..0.o

had band..most boring practice i cn ever tink of..ZZzz.
after band waited for omairah n some librians to
finish their stuffs..went to bbt..
ended up goin hme late..lol!we'r supposed to
go hme earlyy to studyy for tests..hahahs..
accompanied omairah at the bus stop n home-ed!

ohh..im glad i get to noe u guys beta dat nite
n how u realli feel abt some stuffs..
n u guyys were loud in frnt of us for the first time!xD

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