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Friday, January 02, 2009

heyy ppl!!
sorry if i havent been blogging these dayys..
since i nid to buck up n study..lol!xD
funny thought..hahahs..i shall blog only when neccessary.
hehehx..so..todae is the first dayy of school..
so sad dat this will be my "last" first dayy
of sch here..): haiz..anw..so glad to c my classmates
n to welcome my new form teacher..miss sharifah..
OH YIPPEE!!-.-" Y???y must it be HER??
she's soo sarcastic..is also our maths teacher..
andand!!i heard dat she's our new band teacher!!
stupid larh..she's the first teacher hu
asked me to clip up my hair during sch..
geez..seriously dun u tink band is enuff??pfft!!:p
hah..had our new seating arrangement..
the funny thing is..miss sharifah said..
"i want the VERTICALLY CHALLENGED to sit in front"
at first everyone didn't get it..bt then a few mmts.
ltr..every1 was lyk "OOHHH!!!" xD
as funny as alwayys..hahhs!

had band..finally settled the band tee!!!yay!!!*clapps..
after dat..asked amirah,omairah,yilin n peiyi
to follow me go tm to do the band tee..for peiyi(percussion)
chengyu n leanna..after doin the band tee,peiyi went home
then after dat we ate tom yam noodles at the most
unusual place ever!i cnt belive i did dat..hahahs..well..
had fun anw..n omairah told us her deepest darkest secret!
hahahs..so honoured to be the only ones hu noes!^^v
congrats omi!!!hahahs..hope we cn do dis again..
talking abt a lot of craps n stuffs!hahahs..
okayy bye!

cn u guyys puh-lease stop gossiping abt ppl lyk dat??
n also makin other ppl look bad for UR OWN pleasure..
tsk!n i hate hw u treat some ppl..
n ur causin a lot of conflicts..
who do u tink u r?u tink u rule the whole band??
-.-" by doin dis..ur makin a lot of ppl hate U..
so snap out of it!stop bein such brainless gossipers cn??
so FREAKIN' irritatin!

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