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Friday, January 09, 2009

last dayy of the week!!-.-"
todae's lesson is the most fun to me..
oni gt eng,pe n f&n..hehehx..
bt totally forgot to do essay!!so must sit outside..haiz..
tgether with chia chern,arina,izzat n sean lim..
at first we keep changing places in the classrm
to avoid miss carol frm seeing us..xD
until we went back to our places n act lyk innocent
lyk dat..bt in the end still kena chased out by miss carol!!-.-
bt izzat went to hide at the corner of the classrm
bt his "plan" failed!!:p hahahs..then saw chia chern's
hand gt a lot of mosquito bites..lyk totally 0.o..
i tink i heard him sayy gt 81 in total..once again..0.o!
den all of us were lyk dun0 wa to write..
then in the end we nvr pass up
coz miss carol forgot abt it..lol!
after dat was pe..gt mr cho again!!yeah mann!!
woot!woot!we took our weight in the classrm n
mr cho discussed abt the stuffs dat effects our weight..
damn bloody funny!!!xD shall nt elaborate..
mr cho rawks!!! \m/(^~^)\m/
went dwnstairs to take our height..shrinked 2 cm!!!
i dun even noe dats possible..-.-" veh unstable
sia my height..after dat,did the 50m sprint..
idris n izzat run so freakin' funny can!!
keep laughing abt it till now..so priceless..lol!
bt the best run award goes to...peiyan!hahahs..
she run veh cute sia..lyk seriously..okayy..

after recess..classrm locked!!karthik took out the 3
window frames n let himself in..xD cool or wadds!!
bt den the door still cannot open!!-.-"
f&n teacher nvr cme..T.T wasted 4 periods..4 PERIODS!!!
after sch went tm with nurul to take the band tee..
in the canteen..saw a lot of orange ppl..lol!
veh orange..totally stand out frm the crowd..hahs..
performance!!me n terence kept drinking water
in the midst of the performance..^^" i tink it was okayy larh..
the band sound.. :D

went bbt with riqa,amalina n nadiyah..bought peach red tea..
n DROPPED it!!!!!!!!-.-" so must buy another one..T.T
riqa went home early n we ended up with keith..
talk3 then home-ed!!!(:

missed the fun times when we were
in the same class in lower sec..
n when u keep calling me "azura-strike!"

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