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Monday, January 05, 2009

okayy..i shall nt elaborate much abt todae..
bt the hot topic of the dayy!
we discussed abt "bitch" during maths lesson..xD
miss sharifah suddenly asked this random
qn, abt if bitch is the new bestfren..lol!
i hav to admit..even though many ppl dun lyk her..
her lessons are quite fun sometimes..hee..
with the help of the boyys of course..

had sectionals..played canon with roxane then omairah..
veh hard!!bt after score studying it it's quite okayy actually.
L.O.L.. hanged out with omairah,amirah,yilin n nadiyah
until lyk 9 plus!!tsk3.. hahahs..
then we saw my father!DAMN SWAYY!!-.-"

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