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Friday, January 23, 2009

we went to the gym for pe lessons todayy..
mr cho talked abt big muscular guyys..lol!
after dat..oni some of us went to class b4 goin to hall..
so miss sharifah promised us sumthin..hehe..^^v
after dat was the CNY performance..
my comment..BORIINNGGG.....zZzZ..

after dat had band..amanda they all tricked me
n riqa dat they were nt goin band coz gt cny..-.-"
dun0 y bt tears just splurted out of me
just b4 assembling..argh!so nt worth it..
bt i wan sayy thanks to riqa for bein dere for me each min..
chia chern for bein so funny until i couldn't cry anymore..xD
weiyi for keep sayin everlasting smile!(:
n oso brendan n valerie..
fr cheering me up..THNKS GUYYS!!:D
watched the vid to help improve our breathing n sound..
combined sectionals..sumthin hilarious happened
with riqa..xD shall nt elaborate..
during assembling..keith was throwing sweets to the band..
i was crazy lyk mad to try to take the sweets..lol!
after dat went with riqa n home-ed!..

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