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Friday, January 16, 2009

went to amirah's hse to get my bag coz i left
it at her hse yestrdayy..hehehx..saw nicholas at the bus stop
n omairah at the 228 bus..lol!
bt den rite..i didn't hold on to anythin coz i was msging
on one hand n holding onto a plastic bag on another..
so when the bus breaked..i lost my balanced n fell
n caused amirah to fall too..^^"
so darn embarrassing larh..lyk there was a lot
of damaians at dat time..T.T argh!paiseh!sobs..sobs..
reached sch at 7 plus n we quickly run up to the band store..
met up with haohan the all at the hall n practised
our dance a bit..went back to class with amanda n chia chern..
den i suddenly forgot to bring eng tys!chia chern laughed at me..
-.-" veryy bad............coz if i nvr bring must sit outside class..
haiz..i begged amanda to lend me n she finally did!lol

in class..rushed up a birthdayy card for idris n during hr..
amirah asked john hu asked miss sharifah to
ask the whole class to sing a birthdayy song for idris..
lol!he was damn shyy at da time..xD
amirah gave him the present n he straightawayy used it..
hehehx..den during pe i totally forgt dat i put my
pe shirt at the bs inside the plastic bag..^^"
bt den luckily chia chern lent me the pe shirt coz pan gt extra
phew....lucky me...den i go n send the pic of haohan n chia chern
doing kissy faces at the band photo..lol!veryy bad..go n sabo him..xD
will upload th pics soon..(:

after sch had band prac n pratised3....
n 5 plus we set up the hall n i helped with the deco a bit..
coz i lazy to set up..hehehs...
was damn tired during the performance..coz i nid to play
2 solos,in the ensemble n in the dance as well..haiz..
after the ensemble i was lyk running ard trying to find haohan they
all..we were so panicking at dat time.. lol!
overall i duno hw we did for the performance bt it was ok larh..
then when packing up..me n omairah carried 5 chairs..
den when we went to the back of the hall..
many sec 2 juniors suddenly clap then they say "WAHH2.."
LOL!xD den we were lyk "thank 2.." hahahs..
den in the end cannot lift up..-.-"
yong liang keep tricking us abt we dropped sumthin on the floor..
:p!bt at least i managed to trick him once..hehehx..^^v
went home with nadiyah n riqa...

hope u liked the present n without u..
our class would be totally boring n dull!:p

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