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Thursday, February 05, 2009

had poa then physics lessons..
lol..mr sng is as funny as alwayys..(:
had chemistry tests!bt we all lyk dun care2
coz mdm yani is on leave n the relief teacher
mr khairul is taking us now..-.-"
he sucks larh..dun0 hw to teach just show the answer
n have stupid chat sessions.. :p
totally waste time..n during the tests we all ask each other qns
oso dun0..nvr study oso cn pass larh..

after recess had malay..
then maths..i feel very sway todae..
coz miss sharifah just taught us hw to
drw speed,distance n acceleration time graph..n hw to
switch ard them..haiya..dun0 how to explain..
then she expect volunteers on the whiteboard..
she said.. reg no. 17..i was lyk.."phew"
then she go ask..wads ur fave no..n guess wad???
no.13..-.-" its an unlucky no. okayy!!:p
then she called out no.28..which is john..lol!
chia chern n amirah helped me to visualise on
hw to draw b4 i went up to the whiteboard..
n when i draw i keep changing the no. coz
of hearing ppl's opinions..-.-"
then ended up writing the original no. dat i put b4..
then miss sharifah asked chia chern whether correct anot..
lol!gt it correct..bt hav to explain to her bit by bit hw i get
the ans...heheh..
next up social studies..had a surprise retest!!!!!!
coz mrs tjan thought dat we cud do beta in this one..
no use..so still took the test..bt it was easier though..
n she helped us to explain hw to ans sme qns..

went to the bench outside GO to accompany amirah..
then to the com lab at 4..after dat went to sectionals
for a while n off to bbt..with omairah,amirah n asyqin..
n then home-ed..(:

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