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Saturday, February 14, 2009


went to nurul's bdae party yesterdae!!(:
bt b4 dat..had band prac..blahblahblah..
after band dismissed..received sweets
n chocolates frm my section..aww..so shweet!:D
sry i didn't buy u guyys anythin..lol!
i received so much i cant even carry it as i didn't bring a bag!T.T

after dat..went to meet amirah at tamp inter..
we were supposed to mit at 4 bt i accidetally
slept n oni woke up at 4!!-.-"
i was damn rushing n was panicking if
amirah have waited for me long..bt when i just went out of the
bus..amirah called me n she oso just reached!!xD
funny story..went to buyy nuruls present n off we go
to pasir ris!when we reached..called izzat to ask
where he was n he said dat he oso just reached n
was in the bus behind us..xD
so we waited for him n went tgether..at the entrance
helped izzat pay for the entrance fee n when we entered..
we were escorted by nurul's brother..awesome!
hahahs..saw nurul,naqi,raikha,hafsah n arina..
we ate n talked..bt i couldn't eat much coz i oredi
ate at home..T.T had fun toking to them n knowing
abt izzat's past..lol!"the sad past inside a happy man.."
said by izzat..hahahs..hmm..then sufian n izzat keep
sharing abt hw they n idris were in sec1 n 2..xD

time to cut the cake!!!!mmm..damn nice..
awarded the best cake ive ever tasted!!^~^
chocolate n blackforest i tink..hehe..took pics
n will post it out soon!abt 8 plus..we planned to go
arcade at Ehub..bt in the end decided to go to the red house..
end up oni me,amirah,raikha,izzat n sufian were goin..
walked a long distance b4 we reached..
bt then the gate was locked..lol..so didn't go in..
bt it was damn dark in there..realli gives me the chills..
so we walked back n took a last grp pic
n my family sent amirah home..(:

one yr older oredi..
will miss ur totally lame jokes in
class when we graduate..(:

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