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Thursday, February 12, 2009

heyy!i noe ive not been posting for a long time..
bt i just feel lazy to post nowadayys coz of pet society!!
xD dang it..become so addicted to it!T.T
bt my pet is cute!:3
so todae received my poa test back..~~~~~~
then physics..we learnt abt sumthin "interesting" todae..
eh-hem2!the longer the string of the instrument..
the lower the frequency..this is because..
the frequency have to travel a long distance,hence
producing a low frequency resulting in a low pitch!hahahs..
n vice versa for high pitched instruments..
seriously..i dun even nid to memorise coz its common sense to me..
bt mr sng sayys dat he doesn't noe a thing abt music so
he nid to memorise n he doesn't even noe if he's
sayin the correct thing..lol!
had chem..mr khairul again..ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz..

after recess..malay..i took amirah's foolscap b4 she went to her
seat n she didn't even realise!-.-" lyk totally l.o.l!
then maths..i actually fully understand
wad miss sharifah teach..coolness!^^v
bt with the help of naqiyah oso..hehe..
then finally geog..i actually did my wk seriously
n offered mrs tjan's help sumtimes..woah!!
way to go mann..dah maju kaper..xD
then we still haven finish the two looongg...pages
at 2.30..so must stay back n finish..
helped sherman,rabia,robin,chia chern n shawn to finish..
we must show our ans to mrs tjan b4 we go..
lol!then the funny thing is..mrs tjan asked chia chern
if he was rushing to go somewhere..
then he so confident sayy dat he got soccer training..
mrs tjan totally believed him!which makes us laugh lyk hell..
xD LOL!bt den he say..he's just playin soccer with his frens..
hahahs..mrs tjan sayy dat she easily trust sum1
n if u break it......hahahs..veryy bad..xD
hmm..n i realize sumtin..if u payy attention in class..
the dayy actually go fast..^^


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