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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hmm..just found out todae frm mrs tjan
dat after our mid-yr exams..we'll be doin our banding!!T.T
dat means lyk the MT classes..the gd ones will be tgether..
n others...yeap..ahhh!!!!!T.T
dun wan!!means dat our class will be separated!!no!
last yr u noe!T.T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
di is torturin me!!haiz..btw..
we learnt hw to ans source-based qns. todae..
mrs tjan's technique is veryy reliable..hope i cn improve
after dis..n i dun wan any other teacher teaching geog
n ss..i've been improving ever since she teach me..(:

during miss sharifah's lesson..
i was asked to recap wad she explained for this one qn.
-.-" i totally hav no clue wad she was toking abt coz
i almost forgot everything frm the last chap.
so i relied on other's ans..then the last qn i was
supposed to ans sub the ans into the equation bt
idris they all said "sub x=0!" so i followed!T.T
stupid mistake..then they all laughed!including miss sharifah..
veryy bad!!arghh..alwayys tease me.. :p
then for CME lesson..miss sharifah said dat our whole class
will be visiting an old flks home a few wks after..
n it's on a fridayy..rabia asked if it's on sch hrs n
she said dat it's after sch n b4 we cud sayy anythin
else..she said no u cannot go u gt syf training rite??-.-"
c hw fast she gets u?? geez..
ok blah3.......gonna upload pictures in the next post!:D

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