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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

reached sch at exactly 8..^^
had poa..den phy bt mr sng nvr come..T.T
so mr khairul..again!relieved us..
then amirah on her laptop at john's table n
we all look at michael jackson's videos..
his dancing is damn flexible mannn!lyk whoa..
im totally awestrucked..hehe..
lol..n we gt distracted n didn't search anythin..
after dat is geog then recess..me n amirah
bought light stuffs n went to the atrium to meet
izzat,idris n john at the bench there..as usual..playing laptop..
n izzat go n search pics abt......umm..stuffs..yeahh..
then suddenly gt one pop-up n chia chern go n accept..
then when they see the pic..they lyk totally regret wad they did!xD
serves them rite..wan to c so much rite??lol!
then we went to av theatre for the debate against 4e6..hahahs..
no comments..we did our best..can oredi..^^

maths period..argh!miss sharifah asked me abt
a "multiple" qn. n i totally went blank..T.T
she realli can caught u off guard u noe!lol..
then idris they all gave me stupid ans to so called help me.. :p!
seriously not helping!then cme we watched this rhd vid..
at first no sound bt miss sharifah just play the vid..
then idris go n sayy pretend words at the character's gestures..
the whole class laughed..xD

after sch..went to mac with nurul,amirah n naqi..
saw teck wun..hahahs..home-ed at 4 plus..
saw naufal,amirul n muzakkir at the kfc there..(:
at the traffic light sumthin funny happened..lazy to elaborate..xD
hah..amirahamirah.."why so serious??!" xD

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