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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

ss common test!!
okayy larh..just hope dat i pass n cover up my
bozorific geog marks..xP
hmm..had band..blahblahblah..ate dinner..
cannot taste anythin bcoz of my ulcer!T.T
changed..took pictures with amirah,riqa,dee n aisyah..(:

went to SCH..waited n waited then finally go in..
dun0 if me n terence still too loud coz we
oredi playy soft until lyk wad oredi!grrr... :p
still dun0 the reason y our sch nids to wear the band uni..
haiz..so reached sch..went home with amirah,riqa n nadiyah..
amirah followed me home coz her mom fetching
her last min..hehe..then at my hse..we called idris to
conference with john n zul..discussing abt the debate thing..
lol!nw idris is totally addicted to michael jackson..xD
so funny..i wonder hw he cn be funny in everything he do..lol!

after dat sent amirah to the bus stop n watched
tv until........^^

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