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Monday, March 16, 2009


overall rite..borriinngg..tsk..
reached sch at 7.15 am..den all got ready
to go kent ridge..when arrived there..
did the warm up n all of the schools gathered
at the hall there..after dat had sectionals
with all of the schools at the classrm..
lol..seriously no interaction u noe!all just stone
there..except for our sch the trumpet sect. (:
did overture..DUHH..terence took the whole sect.
went back to hall n then played dis game..hmmm..yeap..
den lunch!ate our standard lunch meal bt with
fries dis time..i was totally forcing myself to finish up my
fries..lol!so no nid giv terence..hahahs..
bt in the end i cannt take it so gave it to him anw..
den had combined band for a while den those in the
honour band went out and combined..

our band was the first to perform..overall i
tink we did ok larh..bt b4 performing
we played some chords n when trumpet sect
nid to tune..mr wong told nicholas dat his mute is still
in his trumpet..L.O.L!xD totally blur u noe!
after dat,i keep asking ppl if they can hear
the top Bb..lol..hahhh...
k then we must judge other sch in terms of playin..
i find it wierd dat all of them performed
wayyyy better in their choice piece than in their
set piece overture..-.-"!
n i find dat kent ridge has improved tremendously!
lyk they played beta than wad i expected..
woahh..hahahs..okayy so then representative band
performed than honour band..i was in both..lol!
after dat they announced dat our sect. won the game thing..
so unexpected sia!i didn't realli thought of winnin'..

after the performance..went back to the music rm..
packed up den riqa said dat trombones were missing
one stand..so everyone checked..then terence said,
"eh..hw come we suddenly have one trombone stand arh??"
lol!so!nw we were the ones dat was missing one stand..
so everyone checked again..den nadiyah said
dat she took our stand so nw her sect was the one
hu's missing one stand!totally l.o.l u noe!
hahahs..k so then in the bus..our sect damn noisy..
LOL!den me n qh keep touching nicholas trumpet
until totally full of fingerprints..xD
den chelsea went to tell dis stupid racist jokes..
lol!veryyy bad..den i sayy if u sayy dis jokes
at sectionals just nw there will be a racial riot i tell u!
*inside joke* ^^ so our sect was damn hyper larh..hahahs..

at sch..woodwinds were gonna be late so we were
released first..went bbt with amalina,dee,hidayu,khairul
firdaus,huzairi n nabilah..played truth or dare den
soon after,amirah,omairah,nadiyah n fareh came..
so nw we told ghost stories to each oder..
then home-ed!(:

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