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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

during maths lesson..i was one of the "lucky"
ppl to mit miss sharifah for the meet-the-parents
session..wowww!!!-.- tsk!
den she sarcastically teased chia chern's hair..lol!
totally bad u noe!tsktsktsk..
i cried during starting of assembly..
dunask me y..dun feel lyk toking abt it..
thanks for those hu comforted me!(:
bt i was ok after a while..just needed
time alone i guess..n the talentime dis yr
sucks lyk hell!nt the performances larh..
bt the MC!especially..so boring n totally
bringing our mood dwn..n she was damn monotonous cn??!!
tsk..n the music sometimes loud sometimes soft..
blahblahblah..the AV oso sucks..
dats all i cn sayy..n it was so short..gahh!
damn boring larh..n i expected more frm the dance..
:p! so yeahh..went to tm with nurul,nadiyah,amanda,fareh n dee..
we went to mac n chatted..damn funny sia..xD
shall nt elaborate..^^
n im so sorry nurul!u noe i noe situation once again..hahahs
nadiyah was teaching amanda to be more girlish..xD
coz ppl say dat she's a tomboy even mr wong!hahahs..
k so den after dat we went to art serve
coz i nid take the band tee for the teachers,xuanya n vanessa..
saw haohan!!n weiyi n dionne..lol!
haohan was doin our dance crew shirt..
so cool can!hahahs..(
went to popular..helped nurul decide
on her new earpiece n it was good aye nurul??!!
thanks to hu????lol!k larh2.............
hmm..nad asked amanda nt to shake her butt when
took 22 home-ed!!


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