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Monday, March 09, 2009

for eng..continued doing corrections for
our compre test..den had poa n MT..
after recess was maths..
miss sharifah asked us to pick up any litters as usual..
den chia chern go n kick the tissue paper under his table
at robin..den robin kick back..den he kicked at my table!
den i kick back..lol!totally childidh u noe!xD
bt in the end i decided to give in n throw for him..
wwahhh..c hw gd i am!hahahas.. :D
lol!dis maths lesson was the most fun ive ever had..
veryy fun,interesting,productive n OBVIOUSLY FUNNY..
hahahs..we were doin 'probability'..
den one of the question miss sharifah said..
"class,u understand me?"
we said.."YES!" den suddenly she said..
"okayy!azura explain!" -.-"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was lyk..0.o!!!!wad????!!!!urghh...me again...
then ppl at the back all laughed..
miss sharifah said.."wads soo funny??y everytime
i call her u all laugh??is she funnier than me??
huh?tell me!is she funnier than me??!"
lol!veryy funny sia!lol..expect ppl to tink
she's soo funny..hahahas...
den i answered her qn confidently..yay me!:p
take dat!hmph!hahahahs..(:
for the last qn..we figured out all the qns
she asked us on the spot..so she said..
"wahh..not bad arh!give urselves a round of
applause c'mon!" *clapps!!hahahs..
seriously im starting to lyk maths lessons nowadayys..
after dat was geog..went to the toilet with amirah n nurul
den when we went back..we off all the lights
coz she was doin the powerpt. presentation for the topic..
den she go n on the last 2 rows of light..then all of us was lyk..
"hahhhhh....."(banging the table n shoutinn doin baby cries..xD!)
lyk a bunch of animals in the zoo seriously..hahahs..
den irda n amalina came back frm the toilet
n off all the lightsagain!we lyk yay!den she on back..-.-"
so we made the same noise all over again..lmao!
our class lyk totally childish!:D
den mrs tjan said"u noe..u guyys r the reason
y i dun plan to have kids!" hahahs..

after sch..stayed back in class to watch izzat n sufian
play the guitar n amirah sang a bit..went to the bs
to have sectionals..played with a few ppl in the bs den at 3..
me n amirah left to simei..we board the bus with amirah's
junior..chi young..if im nt wrong..she's korean..
n we talked abt kimchi..stuffs in the band..hahahs..
n she's 15!lol!dropped off at east point mall
n went to eat at banquet..beside the table
where we were eatin..suddenly gt a few stall owners
which were kind of fighting larhh..damn irritating..
cannot eat in peace u noe!so me n amirah moved to the
next table n ate..wahh..really destroying their
own reputation u noe!tsktsktsk.. :p!!!
after eating..went to look at some stuffs n home-ed!(:

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