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Friday, March 06, 2009

gt back my compre test..............
okayy!Moving on!
pe lesson mr cho damn funny!in class
he sayy dat we're oni gonna run 1 round
den play games..bt when we reached outside the
gate he said.."okay class!we're gonna run 3 rounds
instead of 1 round!"
mr cho,"unless u cn ans my 2 qns!"
(which he oredi tested last wk n we noe the ans oredi!xD)
"u know the movie jaws rite??now wad is the composer of the
theme song??"
mr cho,"okay!very good!minus one round!now..
who is the blahblahblahblah..???"
mr cho,"okay!very good u guys get to run one round!!now go!"
xD damn funny mannn..hah..
after recess had f&n..some of us(including me)
were late for class AGAIN..
so mdm soraya lectured us..yada3...
den she sat down n said.."class..tell me when ur ready.."
at first there was silence..den we said "ready.."
she put on a straight face..so idris said..
"class greet.." so we greeted..still straight face!-.-
DEN CLASS GREET AGAIN....still the same thing..
den finally idris said.."class apologise.."
we said.."sorry mdm soraya.........." (:
den she suddenly smile..^^v!
all of us were lyk yes3!hahahs..
mdm soraya said.."it took u 2 greetings to realize
dat u needed to apologise???"
ahhahas..den we were okay oredi..hehe..
first time i didn't play pet society n concentrated on
my coursework!!bravobravo!!*clapps...

after sch stayed back for a while n watched
selena gomez vids..lol!
den off to band..yada3..
went to bbt with amirah n omairah..
justin n keith joined us soon after..ate tom yam
noodle!mmm..after so long haven eat lyk so nice suddenly..
keith was sick so i restrain him frm drinking
my soup!muahahahahah!!lol..
it's for his own good..den me n amirah went to the
bus stop where john,zul,shao feng n gt dis one bb guyy
sitted..zul n john told us dat the class's trip to the old folks
home was fun!!T.T!how i wish i cud go..
bt with miss sharifah ard..haiz..
den zul told us dat john gt dance with dis sporting old lady..cool!hehe
den suddenly we heard lyk a loud thud sound..
john asked if there was an accident den we c the road
lyk normal lyk dat..so we ignored..
den suddenly gt an ambulance came n
stopped at the crossing road there..
more n more ppl gathered..lol!den amirah went off
as her bus came n i talked to john for a while
n told omairah,yilin,peiyi n keith dat there's an accident..
den they went to check it out while i home-ed!:D

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