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Friday, March 27, 2009

had an eng oral test todayy..
managed to write quite a lot!:D
during pe..ran 1 round..den practised pull-ups
n shuttle run..robin did the most pull ups
for guyys..22 mann!!woot2!hahahs..
so close..coz mr cho said dat he will be impressed
oni at 24..lol!k den the shuttle run veryy funny..
our class veryy veryy blur..in a cute wayy..xD
shall nt explain..hmmm..

during band..sectionals almost the whole dayy..
quite fun larh..den gt dis one time chia chern n kelmond
passed by our class den said the seniors were slackers..
coz all of us took the reserves..:p chia chern go n fling the
bottle cap inside our class n when he came bck..nicholas
go n fling it back n hit his chest..xD nice one..
k during dinner..mr wong asked me n val to stay back
to do the aria thingy..soon after..went dwn to join the
others..chia chern was teaching riqa to do this
straw thing thingy..xD veryy funny riqa was damn blur cn..
hahahs..den she go n put tomato sauce at my hand..xP
veryy smelly..washed my hands n den omairah
suddenly go to me n said "good friend.." n touching my back..
i was lyk huh??den realised dat she printed a wet hand
print on my back!-.-" hahahs..k i noe i damn slow..
so i wanted to rinse my mouth...chia chern was otw to
the last water cooler..den i quickly rushed n drank it first..xD
veryy bad..den he go n topple the full cup of plain water
at my head dat was at the corner of the water cooler..
-_______________-" :p!
totally bad u noe!so i took a handful of water n splashed
it on his face..muahahahahhahah!!!*evil face..
den go n put 2 wet hand prints on his back
n one at riqa's..hohoho!^O^!

As the days go nearer..im starting to scare myself..
for the aria..i hear my tone lyk crack bt ppl
say dat it was ok..T.T geez...wad is wrong with me??
after band.. HOME-ED with riqa,amalina n nadiyah..
we were carrying our cases n i was acting as if my case was
so heavy n nadiyah n amalina gave me the (-_-) look!xD
k TATA!!

some ppl are feeling the heat..gd luck guyys
we cn get through this!:D

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