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Friday, March 20, 2009

here's the pictures for todayy!:D

KONNICHIWA MINA!!so here's the other half of my dayy!
hahahs..soo..met nurul at the 228 bus n went to buy sushi
after meetin amirah at bedok inter..WALK3
den met naqi,izzat n idris at
KFC n off we go to bedok library!
me,nurul n amirah went to do maths while
naqi,izzat n idris did chem..hmm..
me??do chemistry??lyk real!:p
lol!den gt dis cute little toddler came to us..
n izzat suddenly wave to him lyk veryy excitedly..
lol!hahahs..den he was drawing on idris's
foolscap paper..xD
den idris was doin dis "magic trick" to the little boy..
he go n take his eraser n do the eraser suddenly
appearing behind ur ear trick to the boy..
lol!the boy so innocent!awww.. :3
den he do the trick where the eraser is actually
at the right hand then he turn n turn his hand n
smehw dropped it to the left hand..
den act as if it's disappeared..bt den the boy go n take
his left hand n show him dat it's dere..
cute or wadddd???!!!:3 n so smart cn!hahahs..
okayy so continuing doing our hmwk..
managed to get internet frm naqi's
laptop n were surprised to c the vid of them
singing n playin the guitar in class at youtube..xD
k so den we went to eat at LJS while idris n izzat head
off to somewhere..when we met up outside..
idris said dat nurul,amirah n naqi is the charlie's angels
n im the villain..
we separated again n the gurls went to mac
n waited for them again..talked3..naqi went home 1st..n
when we were otw to the bus stop..bus 228 oredi came!!
den we were lyk..haizz..no nid take larhh..66 will be our next opt.
den the ppl were damn slow in goin up the bus n the traffic
light suddenly turn green sooo!!we dashed up to the bus!
hohoho!^o^ n surprisingly naqi was still dere!hahahs..
at the bus chatted with nurul..u noe i noe!!xD
N home-ed!!
gahh!!irritaing lyk shit!!
im so freakin' pissed..

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