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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

heyhey peeps!

had band todayy..
had sleeping time..n me,val n wc bought files inside..-.-"
LOL!hmm..den after dat set up n had
combined sectionals..mr wong talk3..
den he tested the tuning for some sections..
after terence he tested me..den
some note lyk Eb n D supposed to be out
of tune bt i went in tune..u wanna noe y??
coz we put a tuner dere!LOL.
den mr wong called me freakazoid..-.-"
veryy bad!dats wad i get for being in tune?!
tsk!k den valerie n me had to stand in frnt to play the
aria..den i had to play with mr wong..lol!
sounded nice..^^

had lunch..
chia chern showed me dat his shoe was hmm..
how to sayy..torn??abit larh..coz of some incident..
so sad..he said it was kinda new..
den sectionals..got back the comments
frm other sch..gt all silver for overture n
all gold for ross roy..some of their comments were cute
n veryy nice..n the funniest one was..
they asked us(1st trumpet) to playy louder at the part
dat we didn't even play!xD
funny or wad.....hah.....
n taufiq frm KRSB said "i have to admit..gold.."-.-
okayy yadayadayadaaaaaa....
watched the video..at some parts not bad arh!
hahahs..den terence mispitched the top Bb.lol!
den every SL gave comments..
combined band..haohan played the solo.
not bad sia!!!he was in tune n his projection was okayy..
woohoo!!ganbatte haohan!!:D

went bbt with omairah n we bought waffles!!-.-"
okayy..den talk3 with fareh n hidayu
n then home-ed!(:
watched comedy series on DC..xD
n nw im blogging n watchin..stuffs..heheh..

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