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Sunday, March 29, 2009

LOL!!random pictures..some were in the bus..some were in the mrt..
n in most of the pics amalina was in her own world..LOL!
sry if sme of the pics r blur..in the bus u noe!(:

k i noe dat u dun understand dis picsture bt its supposed to be showing dat we hav a botak head..xD!

wads up with the ppl behind all reading newsapapers??!!xD!

went to jacob de haan's concert todayy..
ok larh..not bad..bt i expected more frm ross roy lehh!
they play so half-heartedly sia!tsk.. :p i was lyk 0.o
all the wayy u noe!hahahs..
btw..i slept for the whole song of miss saigon..
first time i slept for the concert..the song was dat boring..
other than dat..the band nt bad larhh..gotta giv them some credit..
n the soprano song is lyk..........loonngg..
i wonder hw many pgs dere r..hahahs..
during the interval..siangying n leanna showed me
dis paper human cutted by herda..-.-"!!
no comments..den they still keep it!-.-"!!
den chia chern called me n said..
"azura..u gt hear the trumpet??wahh..my heart melt
sia..." (touching his chest..xD!)wahh!so deep arh??woohh
den amanda said sumthin..den i said sumthin den chia chern
added on..lol!conver confidential..^^
hahahs..den i sayy the trombones
oso..they move their slide lyk trilling lyk dat
den he sayy..aiya dat one ntn larh..-.-"
lol!veryy bad..hahahs.

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