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Thursday, March 26, 2009

our section photo with mr. jacob de haan!:D
im so honoured to be sittin beside him..^o^!
once in a lifetime opportunity situation..


hmmm..met jacob de haan todayy!
n im sooo honoured to be the one designing the
card dat stephani gave to him frm damaiwindz!
i was oredi excited at our last lesson..lol!
den when me,amirah rabia n raihanah saw him
at outside the harmony rm..we were lyk 0.o!
omg!jacob de haan!!hahahs..den we were lyk just standing
dere..looking ard n talking abt the infrastructure of damai blah3..
lol!coz we dunno hw to react when we c him!
hahahs..n suddenly i saw nurul running dwn
the spiral staircase n i quickly ran to her n
told her dat jacob de haan is in the harmony rm!hahahs..
nurul oso noe him coz she gt play ross roy n concerto
when she's still in damaiwindz in sec 1!:D
she was oso excited to c him den i tink mr wong saw
us bein excited n all..xD so paiseh larh..
n she gt put ross roy n concerto band vids in her blog..
awww...sho shweet.. ^^

settled inside the music rm n warm up 2 times!
hw tiring cn dat be..went through overture n
jacob de haan took our band..our sound improved
tremendously the mmt. he conducted our band..
haish..i realli pity mr wong..we shud giv him some credit
u noe!hmmm..i tink we benefited quite a lot frm
dis master class..unlike the last 2 yrs one..tsk!:p
cant believe hw lucky we r to experience dis..
lyk the world's famous conductor..takin our band!!eeepp!
lol..after takin the pics miss lee lectured us..in a gd wayy larh..
cannt alwayys insult her u noe!den mr wong said
dat he wanted to take the trumpetors out n beat us up..xD!
funny story..we seem to be the most evil ones
coz when mr wong ask us to play lyk dat..we nvr play
bt den when jacob de haan asked to play lyk dat..
we automatically transformed!hahahs.. so mr wong said dat he wanted to cut botak in the middle lyk him so dat we will listen to him..xD!!!
n nadiyah said dat we played nicely at the bar 30 dere..
hope we cn keep the standard coz we havent won yet!!
dis is just the 1st step to our improvement! we talked to mr wong personally just nw n he was worried dat our band will be swell headed bcoz of all the praises n everythin.. hope dis doesn't affect our confidence lvl..please3..
dun get big headed coz anythin cn happen on the dayy
itself..ntn's for sure..just hope dat we cn keep dis in mind..(:

soo..took a pic with jacob dee haan!woohoo!
cant believe hw lucky we were mannnxzxz..
n omairah told me dat keith was mesmerized just to
hold his bottle..lol!hahh..
went bbt n home-ed!!

ganbatte damaiwindz!(:

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