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Saturday, March 28, 2009


if u tink my cat is cute..CHECK DIS OUT!:3!
n dis is my phone's current wallpaper!lol!
n they're just irresistable!awww.. :3

LOL!no comments..dis is when the whole sch was dark..hahahs..


the guyy who's so proud to be a facilitator..
the strap match with ur pe shirt huh...*grins

frm friday's band prac..xD!
hmm..overall todayy is......no comments..hahahs
first we gt a shophouse!so cannt go any houses
n instead nid to go to the public..
in the end me n roxane separated frm the grp for a while
go to the new carpark beside the field n slot the flyers
at the car windows dere..talked n talked abt..stuffs..^^
went back to sch n had free pizza n starbucks!
n our class gt 2nd for the best ideas for the nxt yr's earth hour..
cool or whuattss..lol!when the media came to our class
idris act as if he's contributing bt he's actually tokin crap!:p
took pics n home-ed at 10 plus!hahahs..
SAVE THE EARTH PPL..every little effort to save the
electricity counts..for the better future!!
2 DAYYS TO SYF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dun waste all the effort...(:
GAHHH!!im so pissed off do u know dat?!
i cant believe our 4 yrs of friendship is all dis is worth..
u chose dis over our friendship..FINE..
get all the attention u nid..
im realli disappointed n i giv up..
it's up to u to do wad u want..I GIVE UP..

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