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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

todayy sumthin DRASTIC happened at the chem lab..
well.. im nt realli sure wad happened
bt idris go n i dunno maybe accidentally
breathe in the chlorine solution lyk seriously
breathe it in directly..0.o!
ppl sayy dat karthik sabo him n i believe so
coz he wouldn't be stupid enuff to do dat rite??!
argh!!he was suddenly coughing lyk mad
n went to the sick bay..mdm yani said dat he
had difficulty breathing..coz chlorine can
bring down ur oxygen lvl..
n when our class went out of the com lab..we were
devastated to c the ambulance outside the GO..
we were feeling totally helpless coz we cant do anything to
help him..n we cant even go near him.. ):
hope he's okayy..T.T our class is just not the same
without him..seriously..suddenly the whole class
became moody n we were lectured by miss sharifah
after dat..i nearly felt lyk crying bt i controlled myself..
haiz..so sad..out of all ppl..it had to be him..
hope dat anything doesn't happen to him..T.T
no matter how bad he keeps teasing me abt stuffs..
he's still my dearest classmate..(:
so yeap..


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