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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

the dayy we've been working so hard for..
gt silver..silver..silver..silver..............
when they announced our results..there was silence..):
kinda disappointing bt...wateva we do..we cant fight
with the judges..wads done cannt be undone..just
accept it n move on..even though im still
crying when im posting dis..T.T
my eyes lyk damn swollen mannzsxs..
so painful..haish..cannt stop tinking dat our
band cud achieve better..gahhh!!!wateva larhh
i dun care wad the judges tink..dat's their problem..
rizal said dat our aria..(trumpet duet of me n val)
was the best among all the bands n dat was gd enuff for
me..in the bus..total silence..cn c dat every one was in no mood..
n dat band came by us n suddenly waved..lyk seriously..
do u realli tink u r worth dat award?we were nt feeling okayy
n dun be so hapi just bcoz u were the oni band to get dat award..
n miss lee arh.......grrrrrrrrr..wad she said is seriously nt
helping u noe!lyk...argh!
n when we reached sch..once she started saying her speech..
me n val started crying oredi..cant help it..T.T
n wad omairah said triggered more tears for all
of us.."u will alwayys be a gold band in my heart.."
T.T!!!!!its true..no matter wad the judges tink or rate us..
we will alwayys be a gold band in our hearts!
together as one..we've been through thick n thin..
we must accept dis n move on..even though many ppl
tink dat the judges r biase dis yr..hack care them larh..
tsk..sme bands lyk ang mo kio deserve better n
others..seriously dun bt..wad cn i sayy..judges' decision..
hahh..n last bt not least..thank u for everythin dat
u've done for the band!!we realli appreciate it n
we cn nvr make it without u..THANK U SO MUCH..MR WONG.. :D

the award is seriously ntn!the journey was rough bt it was fun at the same time!
dun let dis bring dwn our cheerful spirits!
we r still a gd band n dats wad counts..
the experience dat we had is the most impt thing..woohoo!!
damaiwindz rawks!\m/(^~^)\m/

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