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Monday, March 02, 2009

went to our new malay class todayy..
they did banding again!haish..-.-
luckily we still gt mdm dini..phew!^^
durin recess,went to the atrium bench to
studyy with john n amirah..(:
in maths period..idris,karthik n izzat keep teasing
me abt dis stupid stuff which happened last yr!
geez..get over it alreadyy!sumhw they still cant
forget the incident u noe!argh!hw long do i hav to live with dis??
n they said dat i lived under a rock!coz im patrick star..-.-"!!!!
so..had volunteers to do the qns
on the whiteboard..izzat was one of them..
lol!he was asked to "teach" the class..
damn funny!!!!!lyk he go n follow mr khairul's accent!
lyk..saying "arh" after every sentence n word.
hahahs..the whole class laughed especially those
hu r sittin' ard me..loL!!not bad arh izzat!(:
even miss sharifah was smiling..hahahs..
she alwayys dun wanna admit dat our class
cn actually make her laugh.. :p
hmmm..next up was sean lim..lol!
he was mumbling all the wayy n sme ppl keep
teasing him..lol!(ugly betty!) n he was soo taking his time!tsk..
miss sharifah then said.."sean,1 hr later.." hahahs..
okayy!movin on..after dat..had geog..blahblahblah..
at 1.30 pm..mrs tjan went to dis website called..
www.freerice.com. it was for donating rice to the poor
ppl..n if u ans 1 qn correct u donate 10 grains of rice..
lol!the qns r all abt vocab..mrs tjan's vocab nt bad u noe!
bt sme r helped by our class one..hehehx..

here's a funny incident..
~i felt a vibration in my pocket..it was my phone!!wow!
-.-..okayy moving on..when i took out my phone..saw dat
izzat was calling me..i was lyk 0.o
he's rite beside amirah..k then i asked him..
me->"izzat ur phone's calling me.."

izzat->"huh?(checking his pocket)bt i didn't bring my phone
todayy..left it at home.."
me->"huh?realli??den hu's callin me??"
idris->"just pick up arh n c hu it is"
me->"serious??okayy.." (picked up the phone)
"hello..??"(everybody was lookin at me)
after dat..karthik said hello..to the phone!-.-!!!!!!!!
VERYY BAD!!!tsk...cant believe i wud fall for dat!:p
they all laugh until lyk mad..T.T

sci common test..physics okayy larh..bt chem arh..
lol!just felt lyk shouting!grrrr...

went to tm with amirah to eat at food culture..
after dat we went to the cd shop to check out
the price of hsm3 the dvd..hehehx..
gonna buy it soon baby!^^v
then amirah bought "the notebook" which was
nc 16..at first we were unsure on whether to buy anot..
den we just try our luck n the cashier didn't even check..
loL!n after dat amirah bought "SAW"

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