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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


finally changed my blogskin!hahahs..
with the help of amirah..hehh..thanks!^^
soo..went back to sch todayy to do fnn coursework
with amirah..den at lunch the com lab had to
be closed for a while so we went outside sch n met izzat
at the bus stop..after dat..went back to sch
to do hmwk..saw john..coz he just finished his bb camp..(:
so we said hi after he has taken his photo taking session..lol!

den gt ppl washing the damn bird shits on the roof
so with advise frm mrs tjan..we had to move to another
bench..den..the MOMENT we sat dwn..NPCC
ppl were assembling in frnt of us..-.-"
so in the end we went to the first classrm on the right..
went back to the com lab at 1.35pm
n amirah still watching the adam lambert video!-.-"
totally obsessed u noe!tsk..hahahs..
n in the com lab..gt AV ppl..so yeah..no comments!
hmm..tons of hmwk to do!beta start nw!

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