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Friday, March 20, 2009

yoyo people!!

i shall blog abt my first half of the dayy!hahahs..
in the morning..chatted with qh at msn..
den conference with her n herda..
den when herda put dwn..i taught qh hw to
cook instant noodles..lol!
must teach her step by step..xD
den i finish cooking oredi n she just started..LOL!
okayy den we had dis misunderstanding abt
'cable' n 'table' lol!
i asked her if u had cable..den she said of course larh
everybody have table wad..(i didn't hear dat she said table)
den i sayy where gt??among my frens im the only one
hu have cable lehh..qh said huh??really arh?
den i said without cable veryy boring sia..
den she said ohh..at home no table lyk veryy weird..
k yadayadayadaaaaaa....
den in the end qh told me dat she was tokin abt table
nt cable..lol!xD
will be posting abt my next half of the dayy soon!

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