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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


supposed to payy the $13 for the concert bt wc didnt
come so asked diyana to collect..den me n chia chern
tricked her dat its $10 oni n it worked!xD
for a while oni larh..aft dat i told her the truth..lol
nid to mit my mom for a while during band practice!-.-"
n in the end i missed hearing the recording session n
had sectionals n taught the sec ones one to one..
bt i just went ard n test them..lol..
den all the sec 4s gather..discussed the promotion
dayy thingy..haiz..i seriously c no pt. in us bein there..
coz almost all our opinions were 'rejected'
n dats y i lazy sayy anythin..even if i sayy sumthin??
will it make a difference??u noe wad??
im immune oredi..i couldn't care less abt promotion dayy
anymore..i giv up..some hu realli hav leadership
r nt bein surfaced..n i dun wanna mention hu..
coz its over n we cant do anythin abt it..
packed up..sat in our sect in music rm..
wahhh!i cried..oh gosh..couldnt contain my tears..
lol!there's tons of reasons on y i cried..T.T
n brendan was the 1st one to come n comfort me..so thanks!!(:
den chia chern said "aiya..y u cry??" -.-" totally bad u noe!:p
n ppl keep blaming ppl dat they cried..jokingly larh..xD(sec 4s i mean)
n nadiyah suddenly said "azura y u cryy??!"
then suddenly everyone's head lyk voommm!
turn behind n look at me..-.-" PAISEHH!
made me cry more!hahahs..
n thx to those hu sat ard me to comfort me..
kelmond..~sry if ur names r nt mentioned!cudnt rmb evrybodyy..
n to my sec 2s plus andrea hu comforted me aft dat..
thanks guyys..^^

had section meetin..said out all our thoughts n were given
a present frm our juniors!!THANKS!!:D
plus our ex-seniors too!wanshi..grace n elissa!(:
ive passed on my post to my successor!lol..
work hard guyys..make the section proud..hahahs..


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