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Monday, April 20, 2009


hahahs..shall update bout todayy..
finally had a talk wit amirah n evrythin's
alrite nw aites..(:
let's just forget everythin yeahhs??lol

n thanks nadiyah for helpin me..^^
hmmm..gt bck geog test..
lyk i said..humanities is practically KILLING me..xP
guess hw much i gt??tsk!
eng..damn sway..stupid miss carol go
n sayy "there r some lovely gurls in dis class.."
"for example..AZURAAA.." ._.
purposely wan make me paisehh u noe!
den gimme dat smirk face..haiz..no comments..

me n bestie had a coincidence mmt. lol!
totally unexpected aye??hahahs!so damn cool mann..

MT..was practically blur!!mdm dini was
callin me to read sumthin..den i was daydreamin
of idk wad..den suddenly i saw izzat zul akid they all
was lyk staring at me n laughing a bit..
den i lyk "huh??" makin they all laugh lyk crazy idiots..tsk..
another bozo mmt!
when returned to class..robin n chia chern
told me abt the mak _ _ _ _ storyy..
lol!veryy bad..den they told me hw theyy
fuck him off..damn funny sia..xD
den i came up wit these 2 ppl in our class
to be couple of the yr..lol!robin oso agree..hahahs!

n rabia had dis guyy picture n said dat
he's more hensem than robin blahblahblah..
makin him feel veryy lyk wad u noe..
chia chern sayy he looked lyk a gurll..xD
veryy fun lehh tokin to them.. :D

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