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Friday, April 24, 2009

lyk finalllyyyy...(:

passed my 2.4km!WOOHOO!*jumping for joyy!:D
kinda hav to thanks shawn woo for "motivating"
me..lol!(more lyk shouting for me to run at the last min)xD
ohh!i forgot to post abt the funniest incident in our
class yet!priceless i tell u!xD
during maths lesson rite..
everything was per normal larh..den rite..
we suddenly c mr phoa outside our class n he threw a
red ball to our dustbin beside the door!xD
den all of us plus miss sharifah was lyk.. -.0!
den a few mins ltr he SUDDENLY walk into our class
n nt even sayin anythin he go n picked up the red ball frm the dustbin
n walked awayy!!HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!
damn bloody funny mannnszsxs!!den we were lyk
wth??!!RANDOM OR WHUATTSS??cannt stop laughing!
n for our class shawn woo was the fastest guyy!
9 mins!!wooh!*clapps..n the fastest girl..huiyim!12.10!*clapps!
hmmm..dats al for nw!!TOODLES!:D

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