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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

heyhey peeps!:D

todayy is my most enjoyable dayy yet!
it started in the morning..
where his smile just made my dayy..
n it helped with me studying dat time..lol!:D
right bestie??!!hahahs..u know i know..
after fnn..me n amirah was walkin to class
n mr sng was walking towards us n he
show a twist sign lyk dis ^^V n said "wet"
xD!!!!!!coz his shirt was damn bloody wet!hahahs!
RANDOM!!den its during recess..lol!oni amirah n bestie
noe i guess..woohoo!k den aft dat had chem..
we didnt noe dat mdm yani has oredi reached the class
den me,amirah n arina were lyk outside minding our own business
n i saw miss sharifah at the 3rd floor
givin me the"WAD R U DOIN??" look..^^"

k movin on..in eng
rite..miss carol once again!embarrased me..-.-"
actually i didnt realli react to wad she said..
she used the eg. she was doin n said
dat i was attractive n dats y sean lim was
sittin in frnt of me..CRAPP!!tsk..
he was just looking at my notes seyy!ohhh..
she is out to get me!grrrrrr......ITS ON MANN!*evil look
ss lesson!didnt get ss test back..T.T
n it was raining!lol..k sloww..bt den me,amirah n bestie!
were randomly talking abt "sunshine" den
we keep sayin the word sunshine sunshine~~~~~~
den suddenly gt a big flash of lightning outside
our class n john was sittin in frnt of me den he lyk
so early put his hand at his ear..xD
biggest thunder i hav experienced yet!O.O
den idk where mrs tjan go..she suddenly disappear
n dis is where the fun begins..the class started throwin
paper balls all over the class..one throw n the
other hit it with a bottle/book..well actually the boys luhh..
(chia chern,robin,shawn woo,nicholas.....)
n chia chern go n hit until my head!!!!-.-"!
den still cn laugh!*grins.. n i threw the paper ball
back..n it missed his head by lyk mini millimetres!._.
gahh!missed him by dat much..lol
the class lyk act as if tmr nt exam lyk dat..
so childish some more..lol!bt fun larh..gdgd
a wayy to de-stress..(x
john warned the class abt the arrival of mrs tjan
n we all quickly returned to our seats n act as if ntn happened
lol!n we sayy dat just nw we were so innocent n everythin..
were studying n doin ntn else..hohoho!
den we started lyk calling ourselves by our 2nd names
or surnames..eg. amirah is nw syairah..arina is nw amalinda..
bestie is amirah..im nw nur..-.-" hafsah is siti..xD chia chern is khor..
robin is wong..shawn is woo n john is zhi ming etc..

n at the bus stop..i saw chia chern wanting to take the bus..
den we were lyk looking at each other
n dunno if shud sayy hi or not dat kind of situation u noe..
den in the end we just sayy..lol!"hahaha so funny"(inside joke)
awkward moment..after dat me n amirah were doin lip singin
n bestie n arina nid to guess wad song we're "singin..hahahs!
n when arina n amirah "sang" crushby david archuleta..i guessed it
just when they started "singin" oohhhh...wooo-ohhh..xD
freakyy!hahahs..home-ed aft dat..


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