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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LOL!we just randomly decorate our names here..
gt bestie!amirah..hafsah..nicholas..karthik..
idris...izzat seanLIM n me!:D


so ****ing happy todayy!xD
wahwahwahhh..vulgarities arh!lol
i actually passed my chem test!!!
^o^!!wahh..damn happy mann..
even tho its just a test bt i still met my target.. :D
n i tink almost the whole class passed!
congrats 4e4!n the last paper was karthik
n he gt 16 lehh!even mdm yani was
damn happy for him u noe!^^
"for the 1st time for 1 n a half years!" she said..(x
lol!n during the lesson i sat with amirah..
n she told me sumthin..n i was lyk practically crying
of shock!0.o hav u ever heard of dat situation?!
lol!bt in the end..i took it for the wrong person!
lyk wad the hell??!seriously.....xD
funny incident..n amirah had to tell the story all
over again to make it clear.. :D
n when amirah was showing me the msges..
john was lyk shaking his head.. -.-"
n he lyk tok to jeff n look at us n jeff oso looked at us n smiling..k fine..
so we oso stared at him.. :pppp
n when he take away his paper n looked..me n amirah
lyk stick out our tongue n lick our lips dat kind..
LOL!at the same time!!xD veryy funny..
make him lyk 0.o!hahahs!
aft dat was maths..geezz..miss sharifah
keep asking me "AZURA U UNDERSTAND ANOT??"
"dun keep givin me dat steam face.." ._.
n geog..did my work!woohoo!:D
lyk dat oso happy..hahahs..
assembly was quite funny..nt bad arh!'sponge'
hahahs!me,siangying,nigay n jesmond went to
the 4th floor..alot of funny things happened!
shall nt elaborate..(x

16 liao larh...one thing in mind..
NC16 movies!hahahs..
it was a pleasure workin tgether wit u
in bringin up the sect. n im sure gonna
miss ur stupid n lame jokes..xD
all the best n gd luck for ur studies!:D

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