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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

heyy guyys..

still cant get over THAT dayy..
haish..when i came to class..chia chern oso arrived..
den follwed by rabia,amirah n nurul..
when otw to our seats..which is ard each other..
hahahs..we started tokin abt the previous dayy..
abt stuffs..u noe..yeahh..n chia chern told me dat
the judges would rate the west windz a COP
for their ross roy..quite true..we seriously cn play beta
than them for dat song..n rabia told me dat since
chia chern was sittin in frnt of her at the hall..
she wud pull his hair if we gt a bronze..xD!
lol..chia chern so innocent..hahahs..
n ppl in the class keep sayin y we're all sad coz silver isn't
a bad thing..haiz..they seriously didn't
understand our sorrow..T.T
during geog lesson..suddenly chia chern realised dat
tmr is sports dayy!lol..n i tot i was the slow one..xD
so sad..he sayy he nvr train for the events..jiayou!hahahs..
had tons of laughs with nurul bestie todayy!
after 2 dayys of nt seeing her!T.T hahahs..
btw..tmr is drama's syf..good luck guyys..(:

gt oral todayy..was the 2nd last one to go!grrrr..
stupid boyys..totally nt gentlemen u noe!
dun noe the meaning of ladies 1st..tsk..n the ironic thing is!!!
guess wad the conversation qn is abt???!!!!
"wad is the recent competition dat u just participated in?"
i was lyk 0.o!u've gt to be kiddin' me rite??
wahhhhh!!T.T tears nearly came out when i said
abt syf n stuffs..our experience n everythin..realli
tried to contain them..tried to be steady..lol!
haish..seriously nt helpin!:p
chatted with one of the stc trumpetor
n she told me dat they gt a bronze..bt i oredi knew actualli
she oso told me some shockin/bad/wateva u tink dis is
news..miss tan said dat it was bcoz of our snare drum..
k i hav no comments..n nobody shud blame anybody..
mr wong said b4 dat wateva mistakes we made..
we must share it with the band..
one for all..all for one!!:D

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