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Saturday, April 11, 2009


changed my blogskin..again!!hahahs..
i find dis blogskin veryy nice so i changed it!HAHAHS.
hmmm..nw i wanna sayy some stuffs to some ppl..
since i didn't giv any letters..dis will
have to do yeahhs..^^

*WEIYI!(aka momo!lol!)
realli appreciate wad u have written for me in ur blog..
was really reallyy touched mannxzsx!!T.T
actually cried a bit..hahahs..didn't noe u were so deep!xD
btw..im sure gonna miss U during assembling..
how we ALWAYYS crap abt stuffs n nvr kept quiet..
LOL!^o^ brendan oso..
n the wayy u alwayys tease me abt..stuffs..xD
u noe..i noe..... :p hahahs..
GONNA MISS U LARH......T.T all the best for the
upcoming yr of band!!:D
n dun tink i will forget abt the EVERLASTING SMILE....(:

the guyy who alwayys call me sucker..*grins :p!!
hahahs..everytime u c me..u will alwayys sayy "EHH!sucker!"
alwayys bully me one..lol!gonna miss dat nw..
hahahs..n i will miss ur stupid jokes..xD
n hw u n erwin alwayys trick me of sumthin2..lol

LOL i will alwayys rmb hw u alwayys sayy
miss sharifah's quote "also cann.." xD
i realize dat too!hahahs..
n thanks for being the first one there for me when i cried..
realli appreciate it!:D
will oso miss u when assembling..T.T
the times we had with weiyi oso..LOL!

ahhh..alwayys giv me n terence trouble arh..
for alwayys bein l8 for band!tsktsktsk..
u must seriously stop dat habit nw coz u r the most senior
in the trumpet section u noe!u've really improved alot
since last time..especially when u changed to cornet
n back to trumpet..ur tone improved tremendously!
so congrats!n plz help to take care of the section.. :D

*SIANGYING(new SL of tp sect.)
wahhh..sl arh..loL!not bad2..
gd luck in handling the sect hor..u can do it!ganbatte!:D
whenever u nid help just call for the seniors..
we will alwayys be there for u!!(:
we noe u cn do it..juz dun get influenced easily k?hahahs.
do ur best for the sake of the trum sect.!
n yeahh..the slipper joke..cant believe u still rmbered!
totally paiseh u noe!:p ohh!n rmb our last section lunch

tgether??when we were the separated frm the sect.
coz we walked so slw n crap abt
alot of stuffs?!hah..will nvr forget it..^^

ahhh..asl arh..hahahs..dun be childish anymore..xD
time to grow up n show the sec ones dat u r mature..loL!
i noe u r oni sec 2 bt u still nid to gain the respect frm ur sect..
make sure to help siangying n dun let her
do everything..alright..all the best!:D
n i will nvr forget the times dat we had..(:

lol!dun be sad anymore larhs..
tink of me cn oredi!!!xD!!
alwayys msg me in sch arh..totally bad u noe!
hahahs..u make such an innocent person lyk me
become bad..HOHOHO!^o^ jkjkjk..
play hard n show mr wong dat u r more than dat..(:
n i will cherish the memories dat we had alwayys..(:
when we went to sakae sushi rmb?hahahs..

n also hw i chewed 13 pearls all at once!n u actually
wrote it in ur blog..LOL!xD one of the fun mmts we had huh?

although we r nt dat close b4 n oni started to tok recently..
bt nonetheless..u r still my dear junior!:D
cant believe u will be transfering sch soon..to AMKSS!:P
hahahs..gonna tel mr wong..xD

ahhh...dis gurl arh..alwayys with her dirty n racist jokes..
tsktsktsk..u corrupt my mind!!xD
gonna miss u in the trum sect.

bt wateva it is..gd luck in learning the oboe!:D

although ive oni been with u guyys for a few mths..
bt i hope dat u guyys will work hard n PLAY hard
for the upcomin band practices!:D
dun worry n get frustrated when u cant play sumthin..
coz u hav oni joined the band for a few mths!
n u still hav a long wayy to go alrites..
even ur seniors hav experienced through dis!
n im sure dat u guyys will make it somedayy..^^
all the best!n dun give the seniors trouble.. heheh..

btw..once again..thanks for the shirt juniors!!<3

even though u hav graduated when im sec one..
howver u still helped us a lot!:D
n i still rmbv hw u helped me on dat tedious
symphonic soul solo..xP

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