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Thursday, April 30, 2009

MT PAPERS!when its over..its over..hahahs!crap!
lol..gt soooo distracted by idris u noe!
during the 1st paper miss sharifah was behind
me by 2 tables n idris keep turning
back n smiling at me..-.-"
totally wan to make me laugh until lyk wad seyy!xD
was trying to contain my laugh lyk mad!0.o
den during the paper..izzat was throwing
small pieces of paper at idris..xD!
n idris threw at me n i threw back small pieces
of erasers..muahahah!den i was lyk smilin to myself..
making the chinese relief teacher taught i was a mad woman!xP
seriously i keep smiling to myself coz they distract me so much!hahahs!
n when miss sharifah read idris' compo n such..
she was practically smiling all the way..n idris
gave me the "ohh..she's smiling.." look..-.-"
n showed me the thumbs up..lol!
n i keep makin silly faces to him to make him laugh..:D
cant believe we did this during exams u noe!haish..
n paper 2 was worse..when miss carol invigilated us..
they keep making me laugh until i wanted to
bang the table coz i cant contain it..lol!
n idris pestered me sayin dat i distract him so much
by sittin near me..-.-"
hello!look hu's talking man!tsk

HOME-ED!with bestie!amirah,arina n naqi..
laughed lyk hell when watching ellen show..
the part at the starbucks thingy..(:


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