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Monday, April 13, 2009

not gonna elaborate much on todayy..
basically after sch went to study at petal mac with
nurul,hafsah,arina,amirah n aliyah..
studied ss..while others did chem n maths..lol!
at abt 5 plus home-ed with nurul..
as usual..had tons of laughters..n i had to walk all the way home
coz i hav no bus money..^^"
gahhhh!!!!havin so much problems rite nw..
frenship problems at sch..
cant use my msn for idk wad reason..
sayin dat it is temporarily unavailable wad crap..
n its been goin on for lyk centuries........
hearing my parents fight over my sister..T.T
cant help bt cry when hearing them quarrel lyk dat..
its so scary..n my mom's at the verge of leaving us...
T.T help me..........
n mid yr is cmin soon..do i just ignore all dis n just continue
studying??am i strong enough to handle all dis?

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