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Friday, April 03, 2009

LOL!dis is frm the earth hr "gift" dat we gt..the notebook thingy..
didn't wan it so gave it to bestie's lil' sis..aqilah!
hahahs..designed the cover pg for her..veryy random!
hahahs..basically it's filled wit the things she lyk..heheh..^^

PS. plz..just dun interfere with my blog..
its my blog n i have every right to write
the wayy i feel..btw..im nt the oni ones hu felt lyk dat..
if u dun lyk it just press the X
button n leave..u dun know me well enough
to start telling me wad to do so plz just kindly
leave if u dun lyk it thanks..

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7:54 AM