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Monday, April 06, 2009


after sch gt geog extra lesson..hahahs..
called robin rob-in..xD!
wahh!im so bad i amaze myself..^o^!
den me n robin teased john n yong peng abt
sumthin..hahahs..inside joke in our class..
the ppl sittin ard us shud noe..^^
nurul is especially naughty today!!!!tsk..
i've gt a new technique..instead of
smackin her -piak!piak!- everytime she teases
me..i shall go n crumple her uniform which
pisses her off more..muahahahah!
lyk i said..its on nurul!!xD
ill be more basket than ull evr be!hohoho!

went to tm with nurul..guess the no. of ppl
we saw dat we knew!!hahahs..
1st saw nicholas n yan kit..den saw.......
dis two ppl larh..dunno if i shud sayy here anot..
nahhh..maybe not..veryy dangerous..nyehehex..
den saw regine,reyna n xueyi..hahahs..
regine saw me n it took lyk...hw manyy hrs(exaggerating) for
reyna to see me..xD den she's lyk "OHH!there.."hahahs..
den saw rizal,yong liang n see heng..hahahs..!
chatted for a while then went off..
den saw ying sa..k dats abt it..lol!
when we went to popular..took ages!!!for me to decide wad
pen to buy..argh!at popular lehh..wad do u expect??
n was saved by nurul's 'magical hands' dat cn choose
nice pens..-_________________-"
finally n i seriously mean finally...i bought foolscap ._.
it's lyk 2 foolscap in one coz its soooo thick n its $2.90?!0.o
HAHAHS..k so total i bought a foolscap,a pen n a pencil..
n it shud cost abt 6 plus..bt den the cashier states dat its
$8.95??!!!!i was lyk 0.o!wad the ****!
so i went to check the receipt..she go n put dat i bought
two of the pens..-_____________________-"
she tink i stupid or wad??!cn trick me lyk dat.. :p!
plz larhh..still cn gimme dat face as if she didnt make a mistake..
gahh!continuing on..since cnnt find DA's CD..went outside n
saw nicholas trying to take photo of sumthin..
hahahs!!stalker!well i oso joined in..^^"
bt didn't manage to get the photos!argh..coz the person keep
turning n turning..hahahs.were veryy frus bt funny at the
same time n oso coz stupid yankit
go n call them..xP hahahs..cnnt believe wad is happening!
hah..its bet me..nurul..n them..hahahs..
searched all the cd shops n tetttt!!none cn be found..haish..

went up the bus n..
TIT!TIT!TIT!bus card cnnt be used anymore..weii!
gt 86c left lehh!so..nid to use coins..den went up to the
upper deck..n den this old malayy man..
went to me n said.. "u forgot ur ticket.." -_-'
lyk hu does take the ticket after payin the coins??
so i hav to lyk sayy "thank u" politely as if im so
thankful..lol!veryy bad..n nurul laughed at me!:p


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