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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the present is great..n thanks so veryy much for puttin in a lot of effort
in it n we realli appreciate it!!hahahs..^^

hello!believe it anot..im nt gonna be posting
of band practices anymre!T.T
a message to my section!
Siangying..congratz on bein the SL for our section!*clapps
even though u r sec 2 n still nids a lot
of experience..we trust dat u cud do a gd job coz
dats the pt. of choosing u!hahahs..if u hav any
problems wit the section or nid any form of advice..
feel free to ask the seniors for help..coz we will
alwayys be there for u guyys..no matter wad..
so gd luck!n we will teach u hw to be a gd SL alrite..
the fate of the sect. is in ur hands..
n make sure they giv u the respect dat u deserve..
so try ur best kk??ganbatte!!:D
Herda..dun be childish anymore kayy!
time to grow up..senior oredi u noe!n u must show a gd
eg to ur sec ones coz they will alwayys be observing the
seniors n watch hw u guyys behave..so yeahh..
plz help siangying as much as u can coz its ur
job to assist her..dun let her do everything..hahahs
share the job n rmb to alwayys work tgether alrites..
rmb to do ur best hor!:p hahahs..gd luck2!
ppl hu will be leaving the trumpet section..T.T
chelsea!!transferring to oboe section nw..
hahahs..will miss ur eh hem2!hahahs..
no matter wad..u will alwayys be a trumpetor in our hearts!<3
3 ppl will be joining our sect..
raihanah..erwin n edrea(dunno hw to spell..xD)
hmmm..hope dat i cn come back n help u all
learn the trumpet..hahahs..
since two of u r sec 3s..it shud be easier i tink??
lol..welcoming new mmbs!:D
trumpet section!!!!!!!<3
will miss u guyys a whole bunch!!T.T
i will alwayys rmb the crazy times dat we had!
n especially our veryy LAST sectionals dat we had
just b4 syf??it was sumhw fun!lmao..
n hw we realli bonded during the syf period..
it was rough bt fun at the same time..
even though the seniors were hard against u guyys..plz forgive us
if u feel offended or anythin coz we r just doin our job..
n we wanted to push u guyys to be better players
in the band..so dun take it too hard alrite??^^
gd luck!play hard!n make us proud by playin well..
n for the sec 2s n sec1s!work extra hard coz u will be participatin in
the next syf n wateva it is do ur best!!(:
we will certainly come back n help u guyys sumtimes..hehe..
dats all i hav to sayy!

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