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Thursday, April 02, 2009

u guyys did wave at us
n it wasn't ur conductor..y would he wave at us??
dats so stupid..tsk..
wateva it is..just dun embarrass urselfs next time..
coz we were nt feeling okayy at dat time n u guyys
seriously didn't help.. ):

btw..sports dayy todayy..
went to tampines stadium with bestie!!hahahs..
u weren't kiddin when u sayy "surprise awaits.."xD
btw..wasted my money on the hotdog..lyk $1.50??
geez..hahahs..hmm..strivers win..again!
gahhh..wateva it is..at least everybody tried
their best in the events n especially
the cheering competition..it's gettin' better n
better each year..cool or whuatts!:D
congratulated john while walking to tm..hahahs..
oni me,nurul n naqi walked while nadiyah,riqa n hidayah
took the bus..ate long john n home-ed with nurul
n naqi..hahahs..nurul is damn evil todayy!
naughty naughty!!*grins

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