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Thursday, April 16, 2009

watched 17 again with bestie todayy!!<3
first time i watched a movie on the 1st dayy..
n i kept pestering nurul to giv me the seat no. 17 ticket..xD
when i just gt into the movie theatre..gt a msg frm
haohan sayin dat he saw me..-.-" lol!
n overall..the movie was lyk..hmmmm..let me tink...
lol..kk..hahhh..zac efron was freakishly cool in the movie..
especially the part where.....
aiya..u will noe when u c it..lol..n the girls ard
us kept squealing everytime he does sumthin cool..
geez..seriously..lyk ._.
here's a funny reaction frm the audience..
when ZAC EFRON..
-preparing a sandwich..he spreads nutella on it..
nurul gt all excited coz we lurvvee nutella..xD
-adds mayonnaise!
audience, "EEEEE...."
-puts in 2 sliced pickles!
-crunched chips on top of the sandwich!
audience," EEEEEE..."
-adds creamed cheese on top!
audience ,"EEEEEEWWW!!"
-finally finishes up the sandwich n takes one bite!!
ohhh..u noe hw the storyy goes on..xD
the loudest "eeeww" u cn ever tink of..lol!
damn funny..ohh n the saddest part..
everybodyy was literally crying..n some even sobbed
veryy loud..lyk seriously..VERYY..lmao
except for nurul!!tsk :p
trying to act strong n everything.. :pppppp
didn't even shed a teardrop.. *giving the look
n i keep making her feel guilthy for nt crying..HAHAHS.
ohh..n u noe the statics dat u feel when u collide
ur arm to the person beside u??i find it realli cool!hah!
keep wanting to collide my hand wit nurul to
feel the statics!hahahs..n gt nurul all irritated..xD
kk dats all for the movie!u shud watch it..
officially recommended!^^V

k for the past few dayys..
here r some of the events dat happened..(:
karthik asked me whether chia chern,idris,izzat n him
handsome anot..-_-
u do nt wanna noe my ans..totally awkward situation..
had malay oral..practically stuttering coz i was lyk
argh hw do i sayy dis word in malay???!!!T.T
not literally larh..in my mind..u noe..
met up with haohan n jesmond at the 4th floor..
-dhe illusion soul crew- rawks!\m/^~^\m/
home-ed with them plus amanda..haohan keep bullying me!T.T
physics n poa test results!
my vision came true..xD
chem test..b4 the test chia chern said,
"good luck alala.." -.-" inside storyy joke..lol!
btw it was suprisingly okayy for me..
there's a possibility dat i cn actually pass chem.. :D
ss..managed to write wad i wanted to write..bt
didn't realli link to the qn.!T.T
humanities is practically KILLING me.. xP

conver with robin dats been goin on lately..
robin "azura!im fine hw r u??"
me "im fine too thank u.."
robin "ohh!im fine too hw r u??"
me "im fine *giggle hw r u?"
robin "im fine too thank you hw r u??"
WOW!!amazing conver huh?(sarcasm)
idk whether to giv a xD face or a dis -.-" face..
k dats all folks!TOODLES!:D

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