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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


another update!(:
had fnn den malayy..discuss with amirah n fareh
abt mixed marriage..lol!heheheh..*grins
den chemistry..recess!:D
eng..lol!actualli copied wad miss carol
was writing on the visualiser..0.o
WAHHH..applause plz applause..*clapps!-.-"
wateva movin' on!
bestie didnt wan let me copywad she had
written..T.T alwayys bully me..tsk
after dat was suddenly tokin abt soccer..rabia said dat
i lyk frank lampert??!!(spelling)
lyk hu the hell??hahahs..actually its fernando torres
lorh..lol!den we suddenly talked abt man u..
lol!den chia chern was disturbed!hahahs..
den he so confident go sayy dat man u
won against everton!xD den rabia,idris n
dunno hu else go n protest against him..lmao!
CONFIDENT..paisehh or whuattss??!(x
damn funny..lol!den suddenly we start debating
on the soccer teams..^^
man u-chia chern n amirah
liverpool-me n idris
arsenal-sean lim zhi khai -.-" (fanatic i tell u..xD)
n oso talked abt miley cyrus wit amirah..
one comment..her voice sucks mann..
especially at american idol..vibrato oso lyk
force one..eeeeyyyaaaa...disgusting..xP!!!
finally ss..didnt get back the test!
she sayy must finish the chapter 1st ._.

after sch..hmmm..haohan said dat he changed
his name in the crew..0.o
lyk diao.. totally u noe..den when he bully me
his fren defend me..hohoho!!:D
den me n darling!lyk "go against" diyana..xD
veryy bad..separated with bestie!amirah,naqi n dee
at the damai bs..
after dat arh...aiyah..lazy to elaborate..^^
tata for now!!*waves

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