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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

had combined sci n f&n todayy..xD
sci..haiz..as usual..physics is damn easy
n chem is killing me!xP
okayy den f&n guess who invigilated us??
mdm siti!xD hahh...
cracks me up!seriously..until nurul
was able to pay me back the one mark dat
she owed me during sci practical..(x!
lol!u noe i noe situation once again!hahah
den idris was lyk smiling n smiling to me den mdm siti
saw den she was lyk "tsk" to idris..xD
damn funny..n he was doin dis hand sign for each
letter dat kind of thing den suddenly showed
the middle finger!with dat 0.o face!LOL
the whole class couldn't contain our laughs n mdm
siti was lyk "SSSHHHH..." hahah!dats all she cn do..
lol!n oh!oh!sumthin made me awestruck until.....
xD okayy he was buyin a drink n i was goin to oso!
naqiyah asked me to order for her which is lychee bottle..
so i went there n he said hi to me in his soothing voice
i hav ever heard!so i was lyk awestruck bt tried
to maintain my cool..(x
until!!!hahah..until i ordered the wrong drink!-.-"
i ordered peach tea instead!hahah..inside i was lyk
dang it!!god..argh!!ya okayy..
hahahs..den bus stop-ed n home!!:D


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